The FEP responds to the PPA Communiqué

The Spanish Padel Federation issues a statement to respond to the latest statement from the Association of Professional Players.

In response to the statement of the Association of Professional Padel Players (PPA), la Spanish Padel Federation quiere manifestar lo siguiente:

  • First, From the FEP we respect the opinion of this group of players but we do not share the arguments put forward in the statement they released yesterday.
  • In order to clarify the inaccurate information provided by the PPA, From the FEP we remember that the agreement with the World Padel Tour Circuit has not only been signed by the Spanish Padel Federation itself... But they have endorsed it and signed it in a private capacity 15 of the 18 territorial federations that are part of the federative body.
  • The FEP agreement and the 15 federations with WPT is part of that aspiration for freedom that they have been proclaiming, precisely, from the PPA so players can choose where to compete. This new proposal seeks to improve and expand the competitive offer to provide more options in Spain under the umbrella of the Spanish Federation and the territorial ones.. Besides, does it equally, with the same economic endowment for the masculine modality as the feminine one. Athletes can choose to participate or not with total freedom, but trying to prevent more competitions from being available to athletes is not consistent with the statements about the "free paddle" that they have been making.
  • Regarding assertions by the PPA about the need for the FIP to validate the decisions of the FEP, another correction is needed. The Spanish Padel Federation is integrated into the International Padel Federation. Nevertheless, the institution, as well as each of the territorial federations, they are independent organizations with autonomy to define the agreements they deem appropriate with the brands, entities and organizations that it deems appropriate for the benefit of the federated padel in Spain. In this way, It should be remembered that the federated padel goes far beyond what the professional segment represents and is made up of clubs, youth athletes, absolutes (amateurs and professionals) and veterans, as well as referee judges and technicians.
  • Last 12 of April, representatives of the PPA held a meeting with leaders of the FEP and several of the territorial federations. This meeting took place five months after the constitution of said association that, from birth in October or November 2021 until that day, he had never seen fit to contact the FEP, not even to make a formal presentation of the group.
  • The meeting with the PPA took place as the first contact between the FEP, the territorial ones and the association, and in it the possibility of the agreement with World Padel Tour to promote a new category of competition was reported. Of course, the opinion of the players was heard, but it is not the only factor that has been taken into account when making a decision that corresponds to the federations in attention to aspects that go beyond the interests of a group of professional players..
  • In the FEP the appeals of the PPA to the consensus are not understood, given that, in any moment, the PPA has made the Spanish Federation a party, not even for information, of its negotiations with the IFJ and a private entity in Qatar (QSI) to promote a new competition that, by the way, will be managed by a recently created private company.
  • Regarding the litigation between the company that organizes the professional circuit and a group of players, From the FEP we understand that it is limited to the relationship between both parties. It must be the corresponding instance who resolves the situation and establishes the corresponding solution. In the meantime, World Padel Tour has planned a series of tests in Spanish territory for this season that, At first, the players will play, both those who have a contractual relationship with the circuit and many others who do not. Therefore, that same competitive opportunity is what the FEP and the territorial ones seek to provide to players with a federative license in Spain.
  • From the FEP, the statement included in the PPA statement about the fact that it is the FEP itself that requests that federations from other countries join this initiative is received with surprise., when they do not even have the validation of the International Paddle Federation itself of which the FEP itself is a member. Again, for the sake of clarifying that incorrect statement, We refer to the statement that we keep published on the web in which it is indicated that this union is open to any national paddle tennis federation. Since the FEP has not contacted any national federation to sign any agreement with the WPT. In any case, beyond it, again it is important to remember that the FEP does not require any validation from the FIP to negotiate or reach agreements.

By last, From the FEP and the territorial federations we invite the PPA, with on president, Alejandro Galan at the head, to establish a line of dialogue and cooperation. From the federal level, we will continue betting on training, the development and promotion of the padel quarry in Spain; as well as for improving the offer of services and competitions for the group of athletes of absolute categories and veterans, clubs, technicians and referee judges.

Source and Image: Spanish Padel Federation