Grupo Pādel Nuestro trusts the APE project / AEJP

A new stage begins for Grupo Our Paddle, in which the fans will be even more important than ever. With constant projects and initiatives to never stop surprising them, in recent dates, from PSA / AEJP has reached an important collaboration agreement with the leading company in Spain and Europe in the distribution of sports equipment for the practice of paddle tennis.

Juanjo Perez, President of APE / AEJP, manifested: “For us it is a great pride to be able to say that we have the support of a group that does not stop growing. They have arrived wanting to do many things for paddle tennis, trust our project. So, It is time to work to do great things together”.

Collaboration Details

from these moments, Pādel Nuestro and APE / AEJP will be working together on different projects and initiatives. Among the most immediate, and aimed at fans, we could highlight two of them:

  • discounts from 10% on purchases made through (Official Media of APE / AEJP)
  • Membership fee gift for one year to all customers who make a purchase from 150 euros or more through the Pādel Nuestro website. For it, they will have to mark the option in the product purchase form.

Do not hesitate and join the project of an Association that will only give benefits to its members.

Player, don't forget... you are not alone!!