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Online sales conditions

These online sales conditions only apply to sales made of the products offered on the internet through the website. (hereinafter THE WEB). said products, offered on this site, They can only be sent to Spanish territory.

In the event of changes in the online sales conditions, The conditions published on THE WEB at the time the order was formalized will always apply..

These online sales conditions are available to all customers who access THE WEB, and they are requested to read and accept them before formalizing any online order. The formalization of the order implies full knowledge and explicit consent of both these conditions and what is indicated in the order itself..

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1.1 The seller of the products is Spanish Padel Players Association (hereinafter THE SELLER), with registered office in Spain, Graciosa Island Avenue nº2, dispatch 10. The specific email of the Association is The SELLER's tax identification number is G06769160.

1.2 These online sales conditions regulate the purchase of affiliation products and services, which will be the main sale initially made in, but they do not regulate the sale of products or services by subjects other than the SELLER, that can be found on the WEB through links, ads or other formats that give you any type of presence. THE SELLER is not responsible for the supply of goods and services by third parties.

1.3 The customer will be identified by the information provided in the order. Entering false and/or fabricated information is prohibited.. THE SELLER disclaims any responsibility in this regard.

1.4 The offers of the products on THE WEB are aimed at customers of legal age. When placing an order through THE WEB, the client guarantees that he is of legal age (18 years) and who has the legal capacity to sign contracts.


2.1 The information referred to in these online sales conditions, as well as the content of THE WEB, do not constitute a public offer, but a mere invitation to submit an order. After sending the order and proceeding to pay for the products ordered by any of the methods enabled on THE WEB, The customer will receive an email informing of the reception and confirming that the products will be sent in the terms set forth on THE WEB. The purchase and sale contract is considered established at the moment in which the client receives said confirmation email..

2.2 Before confirming the order, The customer will be asked to declare that they have read and accepted these online purchase conditions, including the clauses that determine the unfavorable conditions for the client, for instance, limitations of liability, the right of withdrawal from the contract, exceptions to the jurisdiction of the judicial authority, etc.

2.3 THE SELLER reserves the right to request additional information related to the order by email or by phone before sending the order confirmation.

2.4 THE SELLER may refuse to process orders that are incomplete or incorrect, or in the unlikely event that the products are not available. If this circumstance, the customer will be informed by email, within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) working days since the client formalized the order, and would be informed about the reasons that prevent completing the contract. In such cases, the customer will be offered the option of waiting until their order can be fulfilled, or the chance to get your money back, making the return effective using the same method used to make the payment.

2.5 THE SELLER undertakes to send the requested products as soon as possible.

2.6 THE SELLER reserves the right to reject an order from a customer with whom he has a legal process or litigation underway.; or in all cases in which THE SELLER considers that the client is not suitable, what it includes, for instance, previous breaches of the online purchase conditions or any other reason, or if the customer has been involved in fraudulent activity of any kind.

2.7 Although the Seller constantly takes measures to ensure that the photographs shown on THE WEB are faithful representations of the products, nevertheless, It is always possible that there are certain variations due to the technical characteristics of the screens and the computers that are being used. Therefore, THE SELLER is not responsible for the deficiencies of the graphic representations of the products that are shown on THE WEB due to the technical reasons mentioned above., since these representations are merely illustrative.


3.1 The prices of the products are those indicated and specified on THE WEB at the time of purchase..

3.2 Despite all the efforts made, it is impossible to avoid involuntary errors in the prices of the products available on THE WEB. It is the buyer's responsibility to verify the prices they agree to pay before confirming the order..

3.3 And, due to technical failures or unintentional errors, the price indicated on THE WEB is less than the correct sale price of the product, the customer will be contacted to confirm if he wants to buy the product for the correct price. In case you do not want to proceed with the purchase, the order will be canceled and the money paid will be refunded, using the same method you used to make the payment.

3.4 The annual registration fee for the association is €45 for players and €300 for clubs..


4.1 Payments can be made with any of the modalities indicated THE WEB.

4.2 Payments by credit or debit card will not incur additional charges. The customer who makes the payment through this method, confirm that you are the owner of the credit card used. THE SELLER does not have access to the information related to the customer's credit or debit card, which is managed directly by the external entity that manages the payment. For this reason, THE SELLER cannot be held responsible in any case for the fraudulent use of third-party credit or debit cards..


5.1 Each shipment contains the ordered products, the necessary relevant documentation and any other possible information and/or marketing material.

5.2 The purchase invoice related to the order will be available to the buyer who owns the purchase, when you request it.

5.3 The products will always be delivered to the address indicated by the customer.

5.4 Upon receipt of the goods, It will be the customer's responsibility to check the integrity and full consistency between the order placed and the products received.. In case any anomaly is found, the client must immediately communicate it to THE SELLER so that the latter agrees with the client on how to correct the error in the most satisfactory way possible., always depending on the specific anomaly to be solved.

5.5 In the case of being a member of the association, once the payment has been made, the reimbursement of the annual fee paid will not be possible..


6.1 The client has the right to withdraw from the contract completed on THE WEB without penalty or specific reason. In this case, the customer must communicate to the SELLER, by mail, your desire to exercise the right of withdrawal within a period of 30 days, counted from the day the customer received his order.

6.2 After communicating your will to withdraw, the client will have at his disposal 14 days to return the products TO THE SELLER, in perfect state, without any deterioration, without using, including everything in the shipment you received (pamphlets, hang tags, wrappers, etc) and with the same characteristics that they had when you received them.

6.3 In case of withdrawal, the customer will bear the shipping costs TO THE SELLER.

6.4 In case of withdrawal and always once the corresponding products have been received and their status checked, THE SELLER will have a maximum term of 14 days from receipt of products, to return the corresponding money to the client, using the same method used by the customer to make the payment TO THE SELLER.

6.5 If the right of withdrawal is exercised and the products reach THE SELLER used, spoiled, with the absence of any of the elements that made up the shipment received by the customer after its purchase, the customer will not have the right to receive a refund and THE SELLER will let him know by email. In this case, if so requested by the client, replying to the same email, he can receive the returned products again, bearing the shipping costs, within a period of 10 days since you received the denial of the return and the relevant reasons. Else, the seller has the right to retain the returned products, as well as the amount already paid for the purchase.

6.6 If the right of withdrawal is caused by a defect or lack of conformity of the products ordered, the client must express his right (complaint) TO THE SELLER within a maximum period of two months from the receipt of the order, and in this case, THE SELLER will bear all return costs generated. The client, in any case, You must return the products in the condition in which you received them., including accessories, packaging, hang tags, packaging and any other additional elements. 6.7 Personalized products are exempt from the right of withdrawal.


For more information, keep in contact with APE, through any of the contact forms presented on THE WEB, or writing an email to


To obtain information about how we treat personal data, access our Privacy Policy in the web.


These online sales conditions can be modified at any time. The customer accepts the online sales conditions in force at the time the purchase is made. The new versions of the online sales conditions will come into force on the date of their publication on THE WEB and will apply to orders shipped after that date.. It is possible to consult the previous versions of the conditions of sale online on THE WEB.

This version has been updated on 14 July 2021.